Jira has proven itself as a tool to take the way you work to the next level. You can now use Atlas CRM to manage your sales process within Jira.

Sales in Atlas CRM

Atlas CRM makes it easy to manage sales in Jira. When a potential sale comes in, you can document it in Atlas CRM. You can link a customer, assign a user and plan Jira issues.

The sale shows up in the sales funnel. The sales funnel gives you an overview of your sales and their status. You will be able to track your sales while they progress through the sales funnel, on their way to success.

When you learn more about a sale, you can simply update it in Jira. You can add the estimated revenue of the sale and if possible, an estimated probability of winning the sale.

Managing a sale's work with Jira

Jira is an incredibly useful tool to manage your work. Now that you manage your sales inside Jira, you can use Jira to manage the work that needs to be done to win a sale. You can do this by linking issues to the sale.

A sale can keep your colleagues in the loop by showing the work that is being done. And a sale can help your team plan ahead by showing issues for the future.

Use Jira's flexibility to manage a sale's work the way you like it. Create workflows, choose issue types and link issues. Use Jira however you want to manage your sales workflow.

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