Jira Service Desk automation

Jira Service Desk Automation is an automation platform that's built into Jira Service Desk. You can automate your service desk by creating automation rules, which consists of WHEN, IF and THEN statements.

  1. WHEN triggers the automation rule.

  2. IF contain optional conditions.

  3. THEN executes steps when the previous conditions are met.

For more information, visit the Automating your service desk documentation provided by Atlassian.

Creating a custom automation rule

To create a custom automation rule:

  1. In your service desk project, select Project settings > Automation.

  2. Select Add rule.

  3. Choose Custom rule from the list, then select Next. The rule configuration screen appears.

  4. Give your custom rule a name and a description.

  5. Configure your rule by defining the WHEN, IF, and THEN fields.

  6. Select Save.

WHEN: Atlas CRM company/contact linked

Atlas CRM introduces two new when triggers:

  • Atlas CRM: Company linked.

  • Atlas CRM: Contact linked.

These triggers are quite self explanatory. When a company or contact is linked, it will trigger the automation rule.

THEN: Atlas CRM copy company/contact field

Atlas CRM introduces two new then actions:

  • Atlas CRM: Copy company field.

  • Atlas CRM: Copy contact field.

These then actions copy a field from the linked Atlas CRM company or contact to a custom field in the issue. When you add an actions you can configure the field that needs to be copied. You can add multiple actions to copy multiple fields in one automation rule.

This action only copies the value of the first company and contact that are linked to the issue.

Run as...

Automation rules can be triggered by the project default or by the user who triggered the rule. To make sure that this automation gets triggered with the correct permissions, we advise to run it with the project default and to give the project default access to Atlas CRM.

  1. Open the Option on the top-right of the automation rule settings page.

  2. Select Run as project default.

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