January 22nd - Atlas CRM 2.0

Atlas CRM 2.0

We are proud to announce that the new version of Atlas CRM is live. We have been running a Beta for a few months and can finally deliver all these feature to all of you.

New in this version

There is almost too much to mention, so here is a short overview of the highlights of what is available to you now:


You can now integrate with Atlas CRM with our own public REST API. The first version of the API contains endpoints to perform CRUD actions on companies, contacts and sales. This includes linking one to another and linking them to Jira issues.


Merge import

With our renewed CSV import you can now update existing companies and contact. We have also made it a lot easier to link these together.

Number and User field in the template

We have added two new fields to the template builder. You can now add the field types "Number" and "User" to your templates. A number field is great to add range filters on and a user field could be used to define which user in your Atlassian environment is responsible for a certain contact.

Customisable tables

We have had a lot of feedback on our tables in Atlas CRM. It is now possible to resize table columns to view values that are larger than others. We have also made it possible to sort the table by more fields.

More views for sales

Before, you could only view open sales in a funnel and closed sales in a table. You can now customise how you want to display your sales, in a table view or a funnel view.

The assignee filter has been extended with filters for all fields in your sales template. With these filters, you can create views for the data that you find important. For example add some filters to view all sales that have the status "open" and an estimated revenue of more than "500".

Coming up

There are a few features coming soon to Atlas CRM, here is what you can expect in the near future.

  • Automations - Automate tasks based on events in Atlas CRM.

  • Multi select field - A new addition to the template builder.

  • Permissions - Define what certain users in your Atlassian instance are allowed to perform in Atlas CRM.

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