Jira issues

Placing your customer at the center of the individual pieces of work being done

Teams use Jira issues to track individual pieces of work that must be completed, the Atlas CRM add-on provides an easy solution on how to relate all those individual pieces of work to your customers by linking them.

Best practice: If you're in a Business-to-business environment we recommend primarily linking to Companies, if applicable you can additionally link contacts.

Linking a company or contact to an issue

To link a company or contact to an issue:

  • Open an issue in Jira

  • Find the Atlas CRM panel on the right side

  • Clicking the Atlas CRM panel expands the panel, allowing you to access all Atlas CRM information from an issue.

Open, edit and remove a company or contact from an issue

Linked companies and contacts are accessible in the Atlas CRM menu inside the issue. You can view all information from Atlas CRM on the company, contact or sale without leaving the issue.

You can also edit the company directly in Jira, remove the link or open the linked company, contact or sale in Atlas CRM.

Company or contact issues overview

Linking a company or contact to an issue gives you context inside the issue. But you might also be interested in an overview of all issues that are linked to a company or contact. This is what the company or contact issues overview is for.

To find the issues overview:

  • Open a company or contact.

  • Click on 'Issues' in the menu on the left.

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